Hashflur Earth Friendly Baby Calming Lavender Shampoo and Bodywash 250 ml:Hashflur
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Earth Friendly Baby Calming Lavender Shampoo and Bodywash 250 ml:Hashflur

Earth Friendly Baby
Earth Friendly Baby Published in October 20, 2018, 5:01 pm
 Earth Friendly Baby Calming Lavender Shampoo and Bodywash 250 ml:Hashflur

Earth Friendly Baby Calming Lavender Shampoo and Bodywash 250 ml:Hashflur

Price:£3.25+ Free shipping (Addon item)

RP Reply to on 25 April 2017
Wonderful product. I've used this on my baby from when he was 4weeks old. It's incredibly mild and smells divine (not too strong at all). My baby had very very dry skin when born and this product was mild enough not to cause any more dryness or irritation.
The product didn't sting his eyes either when I washed his hair. Despite it being quite costly - a little bit goes a long way!
Jennifer Kennedy
Jennifer Kennedy Reply to on 15 November 2016
I've used Earth Friendly Baby products since my son was 3 months old. I love this shampoo and body wash. The scent is not overwhelming but leaves his hair smelling lovely and feeling soft. Only a small amount is necessary so it does last quite a while making it good value for money.
em123 Reply to on 27 April 2014
This product is fab, I have been using it on my baby's skin and hair since she was a couple of months old. It smells great, and the lavender has great calming properties and is also naturally anti-bacterial so I have found it helps to clear up the little rashes that sometimes come up on my baby's skin. It is the most natural product I have been able to find, a great alternative to harsher products from those leading baby brands on the market...
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 6 July 2017
I can't praise this product enough. It smells amazing and has a calming effect on my baby preparing him for bedtime. I look forward to bathing him just because of the scent. I originally bought from Tesco and am so happy to find it on Amazon for convenience. It is so well priced for an organic wash, I won't use anything else on my little one now. I have also tried the Chamomile version and that's lovely too.
ilovemyhome Reply to on 5 June 2018
Best product for Little ones skin, this is the only shower snd shampoo combination we get. Our kids skin never dries out after and the hair smells and feels nice after washing
Laura TV
Laura TV Reply to on 6 April 2016
Earth Friendly Baby Calming Lavender Shampoo is a must for any household with children, it cleans and fragrances the tinies scalps up to any age really. Using good products which have been sourced responsibly and basically making this world a better place. Yours and their health is in good hands.
L. Jenkins
L. Jenkins Reply to on 12 July 2018
Love all your products, this one in particular smells so good, brilliant for a night time bath. The lavender makes them all sleepy. I have used this on all my children as babies.
R.K.Y Reply to on 24 November 2016
Bubs loves it and calms him so much that he sleeps soon after a bath. The lavender soothes him. Its is a good quality and reasonably priced product available that is natural. Does not dry skin. Mild and mothers can be assured that you are not putting on harsh chemicals on your little ones.
Victoria B
Victoria B Reply to on 19 April 2018
This is the kindest thing for my children’s skin that I’ve been able to find. The smell is lovely and the bottle easy to use. I used it from when they were a few weeks old, and still using it now they are 4, for both body and hair.
Alex Smith
Alex Smith Reply to on 14 January 2018
A good product and lovely green credentials, although it tends to leave a bit of a residue on our baby which needs a good rub as well as water to get off.
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