Hashflur HP 302 2-pack Black/Tri-color Original Ink Cartridges (X4D37AE):Hashflur
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HP 302 2-pack Black/Tri-color Original Ink Cartridges (X4D37AE):Hashflur

HP Published in October 18, 2018, 4:14 pm
 HP 302 2-pack Black/Tri-color Original Ink Cartridges (X4D37AE):Hashflur

HP 302 2-pack Black/Tri-color Original Ink Cartridges (X4D37AE):Hashflur

Price:£21.99+ Free shipping with Peliculas-gratis Prime

Stacy-Ann Evans
Stacy-Ann Evans Reply to on 23 April 2018
Not sure what happened but I ordered this 28th Mar 2018 but only opened it today and its empty. No ink! I had ordered the colour cartridge and that was fine although I opened that about two weeks ago.

Is it because I took so long to open the package? I had the package in my desk drawer so it was in a safe dry cool place. Just don't understand why there is no ink.

My advise to everyone is that if you do buy this cartridge please open it and ensure that there is ink in the cartridge.
Chunky Monkey
Chunky Monkey Reply to on 20 June 2017
Genuine HP ink cartridge. Recognised as such by my HP machine (which gave me a nice, polite, "thank you" message for using the genuine article, when I put it in, which is a bit rich, given it won't work with none HP cartridges!)........I've often wondered why printers are so cheap and yet printer ink so expensive......I suppose it's a bit like if every make of car only ran on that specific manufacturers brand of petrol.......they pull you in by selling you the car dirt cheap, but the petrol they then sell that you need to run it on costs £100 per gallon!
......clever.... I suppose.....
icepuffin Reply to on 18 November 2016
A good price given what they charge in the high street. Unfortunately the first ones never arrived but I contacted the seller and they were very good , second ones arrived OK.
They are original cartridges so no issues when you load them as I have in the past had so called 'compatable ones' that the printer rejects.
I suppose the best answer in a review is " would I buy them again " and the answer is 'yes' no issues with them or the company.
Wanderlust Reply to on 24 September 2016
Well, if I could get them cheaper, I would. Here they are cheaper than most High Street Retailers.
My HP Envy is very particular about cartridges unfortunately - PITA.
So, not really much choice.
But I must say print quality is perfect.
FROM EU TO ME Reply to on 21 August 2016
This item was entirely accurately described as having a damaged cardboard box, but being otherwise absolutely intact, in date, and a completely authentic original manufacturer's cartridge. It was therefore on offer at a considerable discount from the standard price. This is to the seller's credit. Such transparency is laudable, and will give me confidence in any future descriptions from this vendor.
Paul Alexander
Paul Alexander Reply to on 25 April 2018
Would a brilliant product. I have a HP Deskjet 3630 and I get this ink because im a bit reluctant to buy those cheaper imitations - Im just worried that they'll leak, or worse, damage the printer. With these you can't go wrong.

As expected from HP, simple but beautiful packaging.

The cartridge itself I found a little tricky to put inside the printer - a little fiddly. But I guess that's the fault of the printer itself.

I did quite a lot of heavy printing, most related to business research, and overall it lasted for a good 3 months. totally unsure how many pages I printed though.

Last thing to say is that the price is incredible. I think places like asda and tesco charge approximately £5, so this is definately a bargain!

For the price its a great little investments. Thanks HP!
Anne V
Anne V Reply to on 15 December 2016
Good standard product and love the recycling envelope
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 15 August 2017
I ordered two HP 302 cartridges on 11 July. The first cartridge worked perfectly. The second one, despite being labelled 302, was rejected by my printer as incompatible! The amazon return window having closed I now have to contact HP. The lesson is buy one at a time.
Maria Machado
Maria Machado Reply to on 17 October 2017
It doesn't do what it says on the tin... I manage to print less than 60 pages and both cartridges where half way through! I'm printing using the draft quality! I don't think it's good enough to have to constantly be buying cartridges. They should at least print the number of pages that are mentioned at a good quality level.
A Forbes
A Forbes Reply to on 17 April 2018
These cartridges are seriously overpriced and contain a pitiful amount of ink. If I had known that my HP printer would print so few pages per cartridge I would never have bought it. The cartridge box claims it shall print approximately 190 pages, however, I manage roughly 50 before it runs out every time. I will definitely not be purchasing a HP printer ever again in future, as the number of cartridges I get through is ridiculous for the cost!
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