Hashflur LEGO UK DC Comics 70916 "The Batwing Construction Toy:Hashflur
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LEGO UK DC Comics 70916 "The Batwing Construction Toy:Hashflur

Lego Published in October 18, 2018, 4:20 pm
 LEGO UK DC Comics 70916 "The Batwing Construction Toy:Hashflur

LEGO UK DC Comics 70916 "The Batwing Construction Toy:Hashflur

Price:£74.63+ Free shipping with Kisaran Prime

Bill_the_Bear Reply to on 4 November 2017
Had expected this to be a lot more fun. its ok, but has few features for such a large set. Most of the design is concerned with large static elements that are connected together so that the wings rotate. Duplication of the wings inevitably is less interesting during the build, and the finished model lacks features. The Harley gun is a bit of an afterthought being much smaller and less significant than the wing itself.

Its and ok set, but was far far less fun to build or complete than the Ultimate Bat-mobile set to which it is related. The £100 RRP is not good value at all, for a Batman set enthusiast £60-70 would be more reasonable IMO. Check out the Ultimate Bat-mobile set instead for a much more interesting build.
GREIGSY Reply to on 8 July 2017
Pretty good product. Packing was good. Came quickly and without failure to deliver. Batwing over all looks amazing and is pretty big. Quite a good buy. But as always Lego is expensive but amazon doesn't disappoint with its price being marked down to a less expensive but not cheap price point. Overall it's 10/10
Gemma1311 Reply to on 28 January 2018
Santa brought this for a 6 year old lad for Xmas, this is currently the biggest Lego set he’s had, with taking him and his dad 6 hours to do (including tea breaks). Definatly the first choice he picks up and plays with!!
robert m g conway
robert m g conway Reply to on 13 December 2017
As expected
mikebenf Reply to on 18 July 2017
My 11 year old G/son loved it.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 10 September 2017
Mr Martin David Frith
Mr Martin David Frith Reply to on 1 August 2017
Great product, loved it.
Jane Young
Jane Young Reply to on 1 October 2017
As expected.
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